APODIO is a Gnu/Linux live and installation DVD with a large collection of open source audio/video/graphic/streaming/programming software, as well as graphical utilities for making system administration as simple and intuitive as possible. It is based on Ubuntu.



APODIO is available to freely download at Sourceforge: http://sourceforge.net/projects/apodio/files/

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4 Responses to DOWNLOAD APODIO-6.07-beta

  1. N says:

    Thank You. Great work…
    One concern-: The sum check .md5 does not match…
    apodio-6.07-beta.iso.md5 71 Bytes from (http://sourceforge.net/projects/apodio/files/apodio-6.07-beta.iso/download)

    Please confirm it for me and the others…

    the error reads: \media\disk\remastersys\apodio-6.iso
    ERROR: \media\disk\remastersys\apodio-6.iso does not exists.
    on Windows.

    Regards N

  2. N says:

    one more thing…
    my sum check gives me result of

    11d240e6bd8c84ff4752905e46d77554 apodio-6.07-beta.iso -ALONG!

    but when ran with apodio-6.07-beta.iso_2.md5

  3. admin says:

    download it again

  4. admin says:

    please download it again

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